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Guardian Configurator 3.0.1


Guardian Configurator; the calculation engine developed to settle customer needs.


The Guardian Configurator provides an estimation of the light, heat and thermal insulation characteristics of Guardian glazing according to the EN 410 or EN 673 Standards. The program enables you to calculate the applicable data for single glazing and also for IG units comprising of two or three panes of glass with various thickness of spacer profile.

It is also possible to include different combinations of glass type and thickness and the amount and type of cavity gas.

The result of each calculation creates an individual report in PDF format. This final report contains both the standard data sheet with spectra-photometric values and in addition the transmittance and reflection plots in 300-2500nm range (required by norm EN 410).



The Guardian Configurator is continually improved and updated to include all the latest coated glass information. The most recent version provides the possibility to change the angle of IG unit installation in order to provide more accurate performance data. The following language versions are currently available: Polish, English, German, Russian and French. The Guardian Configurator also contains further information about Guardian products, including brochures, data sheets, performance certificates, processing guidelines and also pictures of projects with Guardian glass installed.

            The latest Guardian Configurator is the first program available that has been verified by TNO Science and Industry*. TNO report confirms that calculated results received with Guardian Configurator are compatible with results obtained by TNO. Guardian Configurator provides the correct values of: light transmittance and reflection, solar energy transmittance and reflection and thermal transmission. Results obtained with Guardian Configurator can be used by IG unit manufacturers in applying for CE mark.


*TNO (hol.): Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-n atuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek TNO.

*TNO (ang.): the Organization for Applied Scientific Research TNO.

TNO institute was created in 1930. The aim of this organization is to support governments, companies and other public organizations. As an independent institute TNO performs measurements of goods and services and after that prepares quality opinion. TNO is a notified institution regarding to building materials Directive.




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